the most secure
token exchange
on the planet

fully decentralized

priced p2p token swaps

Secure ERC20 token swapping means you are protected from things like front running, high-frequency trading or transaction reordering. It is ensured by a cryptographic commit/reveal process:

  • Unique but random looking hash corresponding to your swap is getting committed to reserve your spot in the market execution order.
  • Reveals are submitted 3 - 5 blocks after commits. Reveals are price-matched and executed in the same order as commits came in. Swap confirmation time would take only 3 - 5 blocks longer than a regular Ethereum transaction (about 30 - 60 seconds longer). If someone decides not to reveal their commit, market would hold execution of that swap pair for 7 blocks before evicting such commit. This round would take 7 blocks to clear (2 minutes).
  • There is no maker/taker commission but there will be a fixed fee (disabled for now) to commit a swap: 1,000,000 gas paid in ETH. This is required to prevent spamming and demotivate gas price manipulation. The fee is about $0.50 to submit a slow commit and goes up as you increase your gas price.
  • Your tokens are kept in your wallet all the time and swapped directly into counter-party wallet when matching counter-commit appears. If tokens are not present in your wallet at such moment, your commit gets evicted.

Full decentralization:

  • Blockstack authentication and storage for user accounts and private data.
  • Secure IPFS site hosting with Cloudflare distributed web gateway.
  • All market functionality is implemented in an autonomous smart-contract on Ethereum blockchain. This includes commit/reveal book, buy/sell swap request books, price matching engine and wallet to wallet clearance.
  • Pure peer to peer swapping. Tokens are never held in custody, they are transferred directly from wallet to wallet.
  • This app communicates only with Blockstack and Ethereum blockchains. No backend servers, no user tracking, no cookies.
  • Open source: you can inspect the source code on Github.
  • is a cryptographically secure sorted message board. Each message represents an intent to swap one token for another. When you reveal your intent and matching counter-intent already exists on that board, your reveal is allowing you to take tokens from that counter-wallet and transfer your tokens instead.

This is Mainnet public beta:

  • Make sure you have installed Metamask browser extension or using any other Web3 compatible wallet.
  • If you are on the phone you can use Cipher Browser, Coinbase wallet or other
  • You are able to buy and sell Wrapped Ether (WETH) for Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
  • You can convert ETH to WETH by simply wrapping it
  • Add token addresses to you Wallet to see it appear there
  • If you have Ropsten or Kovan ETH you can select Ropsten or Kovan Test Network in your wallet.
  • Please approve market to swap tokens for you.
  • Submit your first commit and then reveal it to start swapping.
  • When you commit or reveal and wallet pops up, remember set the gas price and pick average or fast TX time.